Hot Mini Cakes aka Hong Kong Cakes, Pancake Balls


Hot mini cakes, also known as pancake balls or Hong Kong cakes to some, have been a staple of Chinatown street treats for as long as I can remember.  They are bite sized, round, fluffy, light, and extremely fun to eat.  It is made to order using an ancient secret Chinese pancake batter poured over a hot steel griddle.

A little bit of historical fact: the first mini cake shop was located on the corner of Mosco and Mott Street in a bright red shack.  As a child, I remember my grandfather taking me there as a reward for doing well in school.  Although that shop is no longer around, there are several street vendors that still make this delicious treat.

There’s a mini cake vendor on Bowery and Pell Street, another one down on Canal and Mulberry Streets, and possibly one on Bowery and Hester Street.  However, the best (when I say best, I mean cheapest) mini cake vendor can be found on Grand and Bowery Street.  While others sell them for 15 pieces for $1, this guy sells you 20 for $1 – what a bargain!

hot mini cakes - pancake balls


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    • Hi Sara,
      I have also been on the search. I heard that the recipe includes eggs, sugar, water, and flour. Can you send me the correct recipe because i’m not sure of the measurments. I’m going to try looking for the griddle at some of the resturant warehouses that they have in NY.

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